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Tribute to Mom

Tribute to Mom

'Freedom from Want' by Norman Rockwell
Dear Mom,

You are such a great mom. When I was a child, you always wanted the best for me. Despite all life's challenges, you always provided for me. I always had clean clothes and I loved the smell of those fresh clean sheets, right after you brought them in from the drying line. You always cooked the BEST food. And the food you brought to the table was made of fresh and healthy ingredients - most of it right from our own garden! I know that it helped to strengthen my young immune system. Today, not all people choose the benefits of living the healthy lifestyle that you taught me. For some time in my life, I forgot that lifestyle, and it's been a journey to rediscover it. I am so grateful to you, and to all the women in our family, for persisting in teaching these important lessons. My web site is dedicated to you, and those great women in my life. Thanks for caring, Mom!