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orange juice glassAbout Susan Brearley

In December, 1995, Susan confronted the greatest crisis of her life: she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. By the time doctors discovered the cancer, it had reached Stage 3; had they found it any later, it would have already achieved Stage 4, meaning it would have invaded some or all of Susan's major organs. The doctors' prognosis was bleak: statistics predicted she had six months to a year to live.

Refusing to accept this predication, Susan not only fought the cancer through conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, she also explored ways to sustain her body through nutrition. "I became my own research project. I spent a whole year researching what I could do to support my body nutritionally, so I could survive." Her hours of searching the Internet, reading literature, listening to informational tapes, and talking with experts yielded the information she needed to revise her diet entirely. In addition, she learned how many health problems can be linked to poor care of the digestive system, an insight that led her to cleanse her system through a course of herbal treatments. A few months after she began her new diet and finished her herbal cleanse, her cancer went into remission.

Today, Susan continues to enjoy excellent health. Firmly believing better health is within anyone's grasp, Susan offers a variety of services and products, including nutritional analysis, herbal dietary supplements, and informational tapes and videos.

In her successful fight against cancer, Susan Brearley discovered a path to health and well-being. She can help you do the same.

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