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Platinum Health Products are designed to help fulfill every human's desire to achieve radiant beauty, vibrant health, maximum longevity and eliminate excess weight.

Recent research into "super foods" that act as metabolic activators are revolutionizing the way Americans look at the relationship between diet and prevention. Platinum Health Products are composed of synergistically combined super foods that have been carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and boosting your immune defense.

The founder of Platinum Health Products has a long history of creating superior health products based upon his belief that God and mother nature have provided everything the human body needs to live a long life free of disease.

Visit the Platinum Health Products web site to source these and many other "fresh from the field" products:

The world's ONLY alcohol free flower remedies. (compare to the leading brands in ingredients and price!)
Great Stuff for Pets - help your pet's body do natural healing too!
Coconut oil - a medium chain triglyceride - not a saturated OR hydrogenated fat, despite what you've been told - difficult to find in health food stores - and the best cooking oil you've ever experienced. (do the reserch and compare prices!)
High ORAC Fruit and High ORAC Veggie - compare to JuicePlus in ingredients AND price - NO COMPARISION!
Freshest green powders - in some cases packaged days before shipping - barley, wheatgrass, kamut, more greens. Compare to the big brands!
Superbluegreen algae - highest quality.
Anti-aging products.
Whole organic flax seeds at great prices - help reduce your cholesterol!
Mostly Kosher products, except where prohibited.
And nearly 50 other products with the highest quality, purity and freshness at the lowest prices you are likely to find anywhere.