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A Message of Hope is Susan's new talk radio show. CDs of these shows are available upon request - write wiseamazonwoman@yahoo.com for more information. To become an advertising sponsor-partner of this show, write to Susan for more information.

Susan Brearley, discussion on the third tenet of Hering's Law of Healing: "The body heals in the reverse order in which your symptoms appear".

Guest Adam Resnick returns, on the topic of Reiki, herbs, iridology and his personally developed WISH (Warrior Integrated System of Healing) program.

Guest Adam Resnick, Nationally titled amateur athlete and professional trainer, on the topic of how the body works to heal itself through the consumption of whole foods from the garden. Also, discussion on the topic of stress and healing, fasting, high protein diets.

Susan Brearley, discussion on top 10 list of how to stay focused on wellness. Also, a bit of a rant about political pressures in the health/nutrient/supplementation field.

Susan Brearley, further discussion on the topic of Hering's Law of Healing; specifics about the importance of enzymes.

Susan Brearley, on the topic of Hering's Law of Healing, and a discussion on the tenet of Hering's Law: "We heal from the inside out".

Guest Kim Crow, Professional actress/writer/director, on the topic of emotional and spiritual healing, and discussions about her acting experience in the play 'WIT', about one woman's experience with cancer treatments.

Guest Susan Dunn, Clinical Psychologist, EQ coach, on the topic of emotional intelligence, emotions and your health.

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Guest Ian Farrar, Nutritional Consultant to Health Food Stores in Northeast USA, on the topic of whole foods and enzymes.

Guest Terry Gray, Research Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, on the topic of complementary studies.