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The cancer experience can be overwhelming. Dealing with the medical profession can be frustrating, depending on your ability to find a doctor who takes their Hippocratic oath seriously. Wading through all the alternative and complementary methods for helping the body heal can be an even more daunting task. Much of the volumes of available information can be conflicting, and very quickly, a cancer patient can become confused, frustrated and want to give up.

Be encouraged! In any battle, you need tools, weapons, skills and knowledge, to properly arm yourself for success. Susan's new book is designed to shine a light of hope that you can steer by in your battle.

Order now, and you can effortlessly read her story of success.

This book is designed to recall her real life drama of battling the odds. You'll come away with real tips that you can use to help you and those you love. What a great gift - for yourself - or for the one you care for.

Order today! You'll be glad you did.